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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Let's Hit the Beach

Last week we took our second annual trip to Destin. Oh, the beautiful sand & surf! I have been wanting to have family pictures made on the beach since last year. Well, we still don't have a family portrait on the beach, but I did get a few cute pictures of Hadley. They turned out pretty good even though she wasn't very cooperative.

We had a lovely time getting down to the beach. We had the wagon packed with a sun shelter, towels, cameras, and every beach toy you could possibly imagine. Of course, Hadley wanted to be carried as I was trying to drag the wagon through the sand. Hadley absolutely HATED the beach. IT WAS TOO HOT!!! When we finally got to the beach & got set up with the help of a nice stranger I looked up only to see the darkest rain clouds EVER! As, I am trying to pack up our things the rain starts to pour. I decided to grab the important things: the kid & the cameras and ran to the nearest shelter to wait it out. Hadley was much happier when we got back to the beach. The rain had cooled it off considerably.

Hadley loved throwing sand. Not sure the other folks on the beach enjoyed it as much. She's got a pretty good arm.

Have you ever seen a more precious set of toes?

Hadley also loves playing with her daddy. She kept saying "One, Twooo, Fee JUMP!" How sweet is that?!?! Y'all, I love this girl! She is the MOST. PRECIOUS. THING. EVER.

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