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Monday, August 24, 2009

One Smart Cookie

This girl is something else. Every day she amazes me with what she has learned. Today while we were stopped at a red light she looked up at the Brother's sign and said, "chicks." I was wondering what in the world she was talking about until I looked up and saw a chicken at the top of the sign. After that she looked at her juice box and said, "apple." Sure enough she was drinking apple juice. She is just SO smart. At 19 months, Hadley can already count to 3 by herself and 10 with help. It's so funny to hear her say, "on, twooo, fee" usually followed by jump or otay. She has over 130 words and several 2-3 word phrases. How am I ever going to keep up with her as she gets older?

A few weeks ago we went to City Park to have Hadley's 18 month pictures made. We decided to take Hadley for her first visit to Story Land. It's a great area that has different fairytale houses. She loved it! I know it doesn't really look like it here, but she had a blast! We all did! Even if it was 100 million degrees with 200% humidity.

Her favorite was the huge dragon slide. She and Darrell must have gone down it ten times. We let her go down once by herself, but I was paranoid she was going to fly off so I didn't get a picture. It scared her a little so she the rest of the time she only went down with her daddy.

They had this awesome old firetruck that the kids could climb into and drive. We had to beg her to get out when we were ready to move on.
Isn't this the most precious picture? This one will be great for her wedding! You know when she's 30 and a successful doctor or lawyer. ;-)Unfortunately, she'll probably kiss a lot of these before she finds her prince. Until then, she always has her daddy!

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