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Friday, September 4, 2009

Show Us Your Life-School Pictures

I'm a week late with this post because I accidentally deleted it twice & just got frustrated & forgot about it. I'm going to try to post every week with Kelly's Show Us How You Live. This is my first try!
The first picture leaves me almost speechless! I know that's hard to imagine. My cousin, Robin, tagged me in this pic. We must've been around 7 or 8. I'm the one on the right!! How do ya like that sun visor? I don't know, but my aunt always had some activity going on with country music singers: selling t-shirts,etc. I cannot for the life of me figure out who the guy in the background is, but I'm pretty sure it was at WKSJ's Family Reunion that was held every year @ the fair grounds.

This one isn't as bad. I don't look too crazy here. I was a junior in high school and in the Beauty & Beau Review. April, Tony, & I were pretty much inseparable throughout high school so it only made sense that we had our pictures made together. Oh, the glory days of high school. Front row on the right you will find a girl with really long blond hair. You guessed it! That's me!! April, the girl beside me & my BFF in high school, and I were always in a contest to see whose hair was longer. Kinda wish I had that long hair now, but my super chic inverted bob is so much easier to blow dry & style!! I even feel a bit stylish.
Last but not least, I've included a pic from my first year in college. FSCC cheerleaders ROCK!! Here are (r to l) Tracey, Dawn, & me. I'm pretty sure we were on our way to Gatlinburg, TN for basketball games! This was the big trip we took every year that the college paid for. It was AWESOME! I love Gatlinburg! I hope you enjoyed looking at my "old school" pics. These are the only one's I could find & only because people tagged me in them on Facebook or Myspace. Lucky for me, these aren't too bad!!

Well, I was a week late as I mentioned and the McLinky was closed so you can find the others @! Enjoy & maybe this week I can link up to them on time!!

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