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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Show Us Your LIfe-Baby Gear

First of all, my girl LOVED to be held, so we could not have made it through the 1st year without the Baby Bjorn. That was the best investment I have made to this day. It was more expensive that the other brands, but so easy to use, and SO worth the money. She usually fell asleep as soon as I put her in. We do a lot of traveling too, so it was a great way to carry her through the airport and onto the plane. It kept my hands free for all of the other stuff you have to carry around when you have a baby.

The second pretty large purchase we made that was SO worth it was the Chicco umbrella stroller. It's super cute & sassy!! Okay, so the last item that was a must have is Baby Einstein. We bought My First Signs because we wanted to start teaching her some sign language. Great idea!! That is the only DVD that kept her mesmerized for any period of time. She is almost 2 and still uses signs like more, please, & thank you. It's adorable and so helpful in those times when you aren't quite sure what they are saying. Of course, you can't just depend on the DVD you have to practice too. Now, we have moved on to the Imagination Movers. They ROCK!!

Some things we could have saved our money on include: a swing, wipe warmer, Diaper Genie, swaddling blankets, breast pump, & nursing cover. As for the last two, I feel as if I need to defend myself. I tried! I tried really hard to nurse Hadley, but it didn't work out for us. I wish it would have, but my little one is just as healthy as can be. I have heard a lot of people speak poorly of women who have not breast fed their babies. It isn't for everyone and all mommies know their baby better than anyone else.

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mab said...

I had a blast today! Fun road trip. We all fell asleep after you left. We woke Bean up for dinner, but she didn't want to get up. After dinner + bath, she actually asked to go to bed!

Therefore, we're doing the same thing tomorrow. See you at 10:30.