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Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Being from South Alabama my whole life & then moving to South Louisiana I have NEVER had any REAL experience with snow. Darrell, Hadley, & I left the day before New Year's Eve to visit some friends in North Carolina. We all decided to rent a chalet on Beech Mountain for the New Year's holiday. On the way, we stopped in Blowing Rock, NC for lunch and some fun in the snow.

It didn't take long for Hadley to get into playing in the snow. She loved it! The one thing she didn't care too much for was her mittens. I guess they were too hard for her to work with.

After we spent a few hours in Blowing Rock, we headed on up the mountain to settle into our chalet. This is where we stayed. Beautiful isn't it?
Little Miss fell asleep before we even left for the day. I guess all the work it took to get dressed just tuckered her out. Doesn't she look just precious???

In case you are thinking, "Why did she post a picture of the dash of the car?" Well, look at the temperature. Yes, that says 6, yes, SIX degrees!!! It had warmed up to 6 degrees by 3 pm.

This is what the floor looked like when she refused to help me pick it up & was made to got to bed early. And by early, I mean before midnight.
She was so funny. Darrell kept saying, "That's my Dorion!" and Hadley would get all pouty & say "No, it's MY Dorion!"
Hadley just loooooves Dorion & Isabel.

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