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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Black & Gold Super Bowl

Saturday morning, we went to pick Nana up in Gulfport. Before we left I had walked outside with Hadley & then realized our coats were still inside so I ran in the house to get them. Two seconds people!!! That’s how long I was inside. When I went back out I couldn’t find her. You can imagine my heart dropped right into my feet as I called her name. I hear this sweet little voice say, Mommy, I up here."
who dat swing

Do ya see her? Oh yes, my little monkey had raced off the porch & climbed up the ladder to her play house as quickly as you can say, well I don’t know what, but it was F.A.S.T. Of course, I let her play for a few minutes because it’s been SO gross & rainy here she hasn’t really gotten to play on her swing set since she got it.

IMG_1092IMG_1094 who dat hat

Tonight was the Super Bowl & Princess didn’t even make it to kick off.
who dat

She did finally wake up though & when she did she was ready to roll! Of course, Mickey had to wear his Who Dat attire just like the rest of us.

who dat mickey 3

At this point, the game was almost over & the Saints had pretty much secured victory in their FIRST EVER SUPER BOWL appearance!!! Hadley was shouting “OOH DAT?!?! OOH DAT?!?! GONNA BEAT DEM SAINTS!” She makes her momma & daddy very proud!

who dat mickey 5 use



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