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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Baby Connor

When I was expecting Hadley, we couldn't find any 3D/4D ultrasound clinics in New Orleans so we drove to Baton Rouge. The place we went, Angel Prints Ultrasound, was fantastic! They were so nice and the facility was beautiful. So, this weekend we drove the hour and a half back to Baton Rouge to see Baby Connor. Here we are waiting to see him. Hadley was so excited.
When she saw him on the screen she kept saying, "Aw, he's so cute!" It was precious.

It was amazing to see his sweet little face.

The ultrasound technician said that all of those bumpy spots on his head are HAIR!!! Do you see them? I think he may have more hair than Hadley did when she was born. As soon as I can get some of Hadley's 4D pics uploaded I'll post them to compare.

This is a view of Connor's back & right arm. Check out these fat rolls...I LOVE FAT BABIES!!!!

And here are his sweet sweet feet!

When we were finished, the tech realized the DVD didn't burn properly so we get to go back for another ultrasound on the 14th. We can't wait!!!

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