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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Breakfast in Bethlehem

This weekend was our annual Breakfast in Bethlehem at church. We meet at church for breakfast and then have a live nativity and listen to the story of Jesus' birth. It is absolutely beautiful and so much fun. We also make a nativity to take home. This year's was made from wood blocks. (Pictures will be posted once we finish!) I'll be honest and tell you I was thrilled when I realized that Connor would be born close to Christmas and he would be the youngest so he would more than likely be asked to play the baby Jesus. I forgot that Darrell and I would also be asked to play Joseph and Mary, or Married as Hadley calls her. We had a blast and it really was an honor to play the holy family in our church's live nativity. It's something we will remember forever.

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mab said...

Bean refuses to call you & Darrell by your names. You are now Mary & Joseph! She is still talking about "meeting" you at the breakfast.