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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mardi Gras Break Part 1

Since Hadley gets out of school for the whole week of Mardi Gras and we are not big Mardi Gras folks, we decided to take a trip to Orlando. We usually go every year for Thanksgiving, but this year baby Connor joined our family a mere 24 days before Thanksgiving so we thought it best to postpone our trip. Since I have family that lives in Florida, it's also a great excuse to see them. We met in Daytona to visit with Robin, Ashley, Rocco, & Luka.
Look at these sweet "Kissing Cousins."
I am so glad these two finally like each other. It was a bit rough for a while.
Precious little Luka Sunshine...
Robin & Connor
I just realized I have no pictures of Ashley.(Sorry Ash) We had so mcuh fun and can't wait till we get to see y'all again. Miss you bunches!!!

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