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Monday, December 12, 2011

13 Months

What are you up to this month?
You are pulling up to stand and it makes you so proud.  We laugh and clap for you each time. The way you wave bye bye is precious.  It's the exact same way Hadley did it as a baby.  It looks like you're waving to yourself, which makes sense because that's what it looks like to you when we wave.
You love to chew on wipes, which I don't understand because you don't appear to be teething.  
At your 1 year visit, which occurred at 13months 8 days due to vacation and rescheduled appointments, you weighed 19.0 lbs and you're 28.5 inches tall.  You got 4 shots and had to have your blood drawn for a routine lead/hemoglobin test.  Hadley was so upset after your shots that she cried and when we went for the test she couldn't even watch them do it.  You were such a trooper though and you bounced right back after a very fussy night.  

We love you so much sweet boy.  

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