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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Connor's 1st Year Pics

Check out my cutie's 1st year pics. If asked for a password it's bou. These are only active until 3/19.


Jill said...

those are some great pictures...what a little cutie!

Meredith said...

Shucks! I missed them!

Tesha said...

I missed the Pics, but I wanted to say thank you for visiting me and encouraging me. I think It would be very difficult to not know....I am so sorry you had to go through that. I have meet a lot of Baby loss mom's that have had early miscarriage. Some, have chosen names for there baby that is gender neutral and others pray and God impressed on their heart what the baby is. I say is because your baby is....he or she is waiting for a wonderful reunion with their beautiful mommy. There is not a lot of support out there for mom's that have suffered miscarriage, that why it is important that we encourage each other. I am saying a prayer for you, I also started following so I wont miss any more post. Thanks again for the love.