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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Connor is having an ultrasound today to check out his kidneys. It's just another one of the numerous things we have to check off of our list. I'm sure all will be fine, but if I could get some prayers that my little man will cooperate so we can get a good view of those kidneys I'd appreciate it. 

He had a few procedures done about two weeks ago: removal of adenoids and a cyst in his ear, as well as clipping of the lingual frenulum and putting in tubes.  We are hoping this will help to encourage more speech as well as improving his hearing.  At our last visit with Dr. G he had some minor hearing loss.  We'll go back next week to see how the tubes have helped.  Connor also had a repeat echo cardiogram to check on his ASD.  All looks the same so the plan is still to close the hole once he is big enough. (around 32lbs) It seems my little guy has been through so much in the past few months, but I know we are so blessed.  It could be so much worse and we have such wonderful family and friends that have dropped everything to come help out.

We're still praying for sweet baby Holin who turned 2 weeks old yesterday.  She has undergone her first heart surgery and has her good and bad days.  You can see her mom's updates on Facebook at Saving Holin's Heart

I may add pictures to this later, but right now I need to get ready before little dude wakes up.  We have a full day today...

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