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Monday, September 14, 2009

Little Ballerina

Tonight, I took Hadley to her very first dance class. She looked super cute in her little black leotard & pink tights. The cuteness was almost unbearable once the shoes went on her feet. To my surprise, there were absolutely NO tears when she had to go in the room without her mommy. I thought surely since she had been at school ALL DAY LONG she wouldn't want to be parted from her loving mommy another second much less 45 whole minutes! She walked right in like such a big girl!! I didn't get any pictures before because we got there just in time for me to throw her into the classroom. After class, she came out wearing her big girl back pack! I almost had to wipe the tears from my eyes! She looked so grown up. Where did the time go?
Here she is with her friend, Brinley. They got suckers & stamps on their hands after class. She was so proud of her "sucker" and her "sicker"(sticker). It was the cutest thing EVER!!!

It didn't take long once we got into the car for this girl to go right to sleep. She's had a busy day! Hopefully she'll sleep for the rest of the night.

I know her head looks extremely large in comparison with her body in this picture, but it's only because of the angle I was at a crazy angle trying to get her whole body into the shot.

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