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Friday, September 11, 2009

New Games & Busy Schedules

Our newest game these days is the “I’m gonna get you” game. So basically what this games consists of is running around the house chasing the Princess saying, you guessed it, “I’m gonna get you!” To this she laughs hysterically often losing her breath. It’s hilarious!


We have a lot going on these days. MOPS started back for me on August 31st. I am Speaker Coordinator this year as well as a discussion group leader so things are busy busy busy. I love it though!! If you don’t know what MOPS is you definitely need to check it out. It’s a great ministry to women of small children. I know it’s helped me tons to be able to connect with women in my same situation. Hadley started Kindermusik a couple of weeks ago and also starts dancing next week. She will begin her very 1st year of dancing at Helena Hosch School of Dance and we are very excited. By “we” I mean me! She loves to dance so hopefully she will enjoy dancing with other children her age. There are wall to wall mirrors in the studio so I’m sure if anything she’ll enjoy being able to smile at herself in the mirror for 45 minutes once a week.

I love this picture of Hadley & Kayleigh. We were in Alabama for Labor Day & it was time for bed. Can't you tell? I am so glad they get along better now. It was really rough in the beginning. Hadley & Kayleigh are two of the sweetest little girls. They loooove each other too!


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