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Saturday, October 31, 2009

"I Nekkid!"

Thursday, we took a trip to my sweet friend Sandy's house across the lake. The drive is a little over an hour & I guess Hadley got a little bored. About half way there, I looked in the mirror and this is what I saw...

My sweet, darling little angel had figured out if you untie the ribbon on your pillowcase dress you can just pull it right off your body. So, for the remainder of the drive I kept hearing her say, "I nekkid! I nekkid!" as she was pulling her dress down to expose her chest.

This is Hadley just chillin' in Sandy's living room watching TV. I wish I had gotten a picture of her when she stood up and her dress fell to the floor. Not to be stopped by such silly occurrences, she just stepped right out of it an kept on going.

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