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Friday, October 30, 2009

Show Us How You Live: Halloween Costumes

CA Pumpkin Blue eyed Pumpkin Beautiful Pumpkin Clapping Pumpkin Crawling Pumpkin

Last year we were in San Diego for Halloween, but we didn’t want our lil pumpkin to miss out on Trick or Treating so we decided to look around & see if we could find anything neat to do. Halloween Day Hadley & I went to Sea World to trick or treat, but she didn’t wear her costume because it was about 80 degrees. That night all three of us went to Encinitas to walk up and down Hwy 101 while all the stores & restaurants passed out candy. It was awesome! We had a blast.

Pumpkin Fam

This is our very 1st Halloween as a family.

This year I had a really hard time deciding what costume I wanted for Hadley. I knew I wanted to dress as the Flintstones, but I also bought Hadley an Imagination Movers tutu to wear to the concert and thought that would be a great costume too. (considering how much she loves the movers) Luckily, we had a few different things to go to so we didn't have to choose just one costume. Here's the little cutie posing at the zoo. Isn't she the most adorable Pebbles Flintstone you ever saw?



This is our 2nd Halloween as a family. We’re a “modern stone age family!”

Pebbles & Kiki

Hadley & Kiki
Well, like I said I had a hard time deciding what I wanted Hadley to be for Halloween and thankfully we had several activities to attend so she had several different costumes. I know! I know! It’s crazy, but it was SO MUCH FUN!!! So, for our Fall Festival she was an Imagination Mover. And she was THE CUTEST Imagination Mover EVER!!! Sorry Rich, Scott, Dave, & Smitty! Mover Hadley is in the house!
I don’t think you could get much more precious!
Not very happy for some reason!


Tell me this girl is not adorable!!
And tonight we had Minnie Mouse
Minnie Mouse1

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