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Monday, February 22, 2010

Pixie Dust

Hadley & I went to LA with Darrell on business last week. While we were there, we decided to use our Disney World tickets to enjoy Disneyland. I took Hadley to the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique. Oh my WHAT FUN WE HAD!!! I think I enjoyed it more than she did if that is possible. We decided on Tinkerbell since we already had a set of wings & Tink shoes that I found at the Disney outlet marked down to $10 & $4.
Here she is with her Fairy God Mother, Gretchen.

Hadley, uh, I mean Tinkerbell looked like such a big girl when she was able to choose her own eyeshadow & lip gloss. Now, I don't normally condone make-up on a 2 year old, but you could barely see it. It was a special occasion also. Her color choices could use a little help too. She chose purple eyeshadow & pink lip gloss.

This beautiful floral wreath stayed on her head all of 2 seconds. The crown, though was still there the next day! Wish I would have known that because the crown was included in the price of the boutique. I purchased the wreath because I thought she'd like that better. Oh well!

Here is the sprinkling of the fairy dust. This part was very magical. Notice Tink holding the shield so she doesn't get any in her eyes. SO SWEET!!!

Here is our princess all dressed up as Tinkerbell. What a wonderful experience.

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