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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 10: Laundry Room

I had totally let this room get OUT OF CONTROL!!! I cannot believe I am even showing this room on the Internet for everyone to see. Here goes...
And from a different angle.

After {a lot of hard work}

There are still several things I want to do like repaint the cabinet and hang those pictures as well as make some sort of vinyl transfer for the wall. All in all I'm very happy with how nice and neat it looks right now. The fabric on top of the washer (that you probably cannot grasp just how bright it is) came off of a chair that belonged to my great great grandmother. I had that chair recovered this summer and couldn't stand to part with the fabric. There are such fond memories that go along with that rocker and the not so attractive pea green fabric. If you have any suggestions as to what I can do with the fabric, other than pillows, let me know.


Ivonne said...

WOW thats so nice and organized!:)

Theresa Carpenter said...

Good for you! I think most people's laundry room is hard to keep up with. Its one room thats easy to shut when you have company over.

mab said...

What type of fabric is it? I've got ideas.... It would make a great backing for a nap or snuggle quilt. (Stop panicking! You can make one! I can help!) That way you'd see it and remember her and snuggle under it, but it could be put away.

Or, simpler idea -- Find a great photo of your great great grandmother. Get it reprinted and frame it with that fabric behind it. Add some mats and a big white frame and you'll have something that makes the pea green fabric look great!

My brain has more ideas wandering around.... call me.... we'll discuss crafting....

Katie said...

Girl, I am so impressed! You are really tackling so much! Great job.

I love cleaning out. I'm ready for spring cleaning. ; )