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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 5: Under the Kitchen Sink

I've avoided this space like the plague for a while. It's big jumbled up mess and I have duplicates of a lot of cleaners. Unfortunately, they weren't used enough to consolidate containers. I need to get some of those nifty wire baskets to hang on the doors, but both little ones are home today so that will have to wait. Shopping with an almost three year old and a 9 week old is not much fun and it takes twice as long.


Quite an improvement. I found this basket in my garage full of teaching supplies that I haven't looked at in the three years I've been a stay at home mommy. It holds all of my cleaning supplies very nicely and I put the duplicates behind it so I can switch them out as they are used up. The red box my mom gave to Darrell & me with all kinds of "stocking stuffers" for Christmas. It's great to hold my garbage bags and hand soaps.