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Monday, March 14, 2011

My Big 3 Year Old

When did I blink?
I cannot believe you are three years old! You are such a beautiful little girl and your daddy & I love you more than we ever thought we could love anyone. You are so smart and you amaze us every day with what you have learned over the last year. You've learned to spell your name, sort of. You spell it H-D-E-L-E-Y and you can spell Connor's name using the song we taught you. You can identify the letter H, circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, and many other shapes. You know how to spell several colors: pink, purple, blue, red, brown, black, white and can identify them. You love anything Disney! You can spell Mickey Mouse and your favorite princess is Rapunzel. You are growing your hair to be just like hers. This would be fine if you didn't fight me every time I wanted to wash or brush it. You are such a loving little girl and I truly hope you stay that way. You have many friends and love going to school & your teaches so much you name your babies Ms. Carol(one of your teachers) and Caroline(a friend in your class). I look forward to what the next year brings...

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