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Monday, March 14, 2011

Birthday Girl

I've been trying to type this post for a while now. I'm not sure if I've put it off because I've been so busy, I mean I DO have a 4 month old, or because I really don't want to face the fact that my baby girl is 3 years old. I didn't realize just how grown up she had become until I watched video from her 1st & 2nd birthday parties. Y'all I could just cry at how much time as flown by already. I know I cherished every moment as it came, but still I feel like I missed so much. How is that possible? I have loved every stage she has gone through, even the tough ones. They weren't all perfect and God knows that I have not gone through each one perfectly. In fact, there have been many times that I really messed up. I've yelled, I've snapped when I shouldn't, I've even spanked when the behavior really didn't warrant spanking. I wanted to be a momma for so long and I am so glad that God chose me to be Hadley's momma.

Anyway, enough of that...Let's get to the party. Hadley has been into princesses for so long that we decided to have a princess party last year after her 2nd birthday. Yes, I've been planning it that long. We had a huge Princess Castle Bounce House delivered at 10 am. It was a huge hit. The only good picture I got was of Hadley pulling my mother in law into it & I'm not sure she would appreciate a picture of her backside all over my blog so you'll just have to trust me it was awesome! Here is the table for the party favors.
I was so excited to get these princess cups. I think they are precious, but they cost $1.00 a piece so I was only going to get enough for Hadley's class. Then, the week before Hadley's party I went to Toys R Us and guess what? They were on sale for $.58 each and I had Rewards $$. I ended up getting 21 of these cups for $1.11! How awesome is that?

Of course, every princess needs a tiara, so we had these too.

I also made little bags with stickers, silly bands, and lip gloss rings. I got the tags from Etsy. The seller customized the tag to match Hadley's invitation. I thought they turned out perfectly!

We had shrimp stew and potato salad(both made by my father-in-law) and sandwiches, cheese, & fruit catered by Gattuso's. I only got pictures of the cheese & fruit, but the other was fabulous too...

Now, of course the most important part of a birthday is the cake. I called a friend and asked if she could make a castle cake for Hadley. Look at this gorgeous cake she made for us.
Can you imagine anything more perfect for a princess party?

After, the cake & ice cream, we had a little surprise for Princess Hadley. PONIES!!! This was a last minute decision. Once I found out they could dress the ponies to match a princess party, we HAD to have them. I had planned to cancel the bouncy house, but the ponies couldn't get there until 30 minutes before the party was scheduled to end so we kept it.

We had so much fun celebrating the birth of our little princess.

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Meredith said...

So sweet...I cried reading your intro. You're a wonderful momma!