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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 3: Tupperware Drawer

I have a tupperware cabinet and a tupperware drawer. I am one of those people that does not like to lend out my "nice" tupperware because you quite often don't get it back and let's face it that stuff can be expensive. I have to keep them separated of my sweet hubby may send one of my "good" bowls off and I may never see it again. I decided to put the bowls in 2 drawers I have because the cabinet was starting to look a bit messy & I have some other dishes I want to put there.


I also need to have a space for my Ziplocs, aluminum foil, eyc so I just put them in with all of the plastic containers that I use for lunches and leftovers. The first picture is the "good stuff."


The second is all of the containers I won't be upset about if/when I don't get them back. I reuse a lot of the containers that lunch meat, seafood, and soups come in for these.


Anonymous said...

Great job!

queenbee1994 said...

great job, i spy some pampered chef products, love those.